The mainBuilding is a property that caters for the highest of standards and sets new trends in urban development. Generosity was the fundamental principle and authenticity the yardstick from the overall design through to the smallest of details. A comb-shaped building curving into an internal courtyard situated along Guiollettstrasse and Kettenhofweg, which makes maximum use of daylight, forms the framework for the whole development. Individually designed squares and courtyards inside create a sense of calm and provide a space in which to relax. The listed facade facing the Taunusanlage park area has been carefully and harmoniously integrated into the seven-storey new building on Guiollettstrasse. The clearly divided facades of the new building, which are clad with high-quality natural stone, rest on solid, natural stone foundations. Generous rows of windows and whole-glass facades allow for optimal light entry. A successful synthesis of historical structures, prestigious architecture, highquality fittings and cutting-edge technology has been created.