Frankfurt is the only major German city to be listed as one of the Alpha World Cities, a list of the world’s most important metropolises. The imposing skyline alone announces the city from a distance. Of more than 40,000 companies in the international trade fair city, around 270 are banks alone. The European Central Bank, the German Federal Bank and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the world’s fourth largest foreign exchange market, are all based here. Its importance as an international financial hub, its central location and its excellent infrastructure, with one of the biggest airports on the continent, help to make the Main metropolis one of the top cities in both Europe and the world. The city at the heart of the Rhine-Main region, one of the most productive and dynamic regions in Europe, is far more than a transport hub, financial centre or trading place of international importance: it combines big business and city flair with lifestyle and comfort more skilfully than almost any other city.